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10 PCM cars battered heavy traffic on the long weekend morning of 4th June 2022 on Karak Highway on our way to Triang in Pahang for a glorious river fish meal. En route, we passed by small towns, undulating terrains, durian plantations, densely populated forest and finally a stretch of B-road that hugs the Pahang River before arriving at a private dining, fish-specialty restaurant just in time to answer our hunger calls. We had a great time savouring this river's delicacies and, above all, building stronger bonds with our follow PCM members. On return, some members took a circular loop home via Kuala Klawang and were duly rewarded with more scenic views and uncongested roads. Completing this 500km journey includes a fully electric Porsche Taycan, testing the charging infrastructure in this part of the country with 2 juice stops at Petronas Genting Sempah and Grand Saga. PCM is running these testings as we welcome more Taycan members into our club and will design events suitable for EV owners.

Porsche Club Malaysia Enriches Your Porsche Experience


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