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Video teases some hidden gems within Porsche's museum fleet

Manufacturer historic fleets are a true haven for geeks and petrolheads of all persuasions and a place where the celebrated heroes rub shoulders with forgotten prototypes and concepts, oddities and pristine examples of base models that would never otherwise have survived.


We've even driven some of the exhibits

Ford’s willingness to let its cars out to be driven is always something to be celebrated, Vauxhall’s fleet another one packed with interesting blasts from the past while well-funded collections like those belonging to BMW and Mercedes are packed with fascinating exhibits, the latter’s ‘hidden garages’ in an unmarked warehouse in a nondescript industrial estate housing a breathtaking array of legendary cars taking a break from public view in the main museum. When it comes to Porsche though there’s an even higher concentration of fantastic cars among the 500-plus belonging to the museum fleet. They can’t show them all in the museum though, this little video showing a new facility where those not on display live in climate-controlled comfort or undergo restoration by the Porsche technicians. There are some tantalising glimpses of some very special cars in this first of two promised films from the store. Enough to have us plotting some seriously eyelash fluttering at the Porsche press team. You’re right, it won’t be a pretty sight. But if it means getting behind the wheel of some more of these cars – the 3.2 Clubsport prototype we drove last year was one of theirs – we’ll do what it takes… And for more high quality geekery see the Porsche Origin site here.

Author: Dan Trent



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