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OK, this is the second Time For Tea? in less than a week from Porsche's museum collection but after the first part teased some of the more obscure exhibits lurking in the new storage facility this one goes a bit more in-depth.


One-off 928 cabrio concept among the rarities

That dumpy little thing with the 928-esque front end? Turns out that was the 1984 Type 984, referred to as the Porsche Junior and described in the video as the precursor to the Boxster. Other cool stuff includes a 924 streamliner, complete with front-wing mounted screamer pipe (yo), built to compete with the Mercedes C111 for distance record attempts and a one-off 928 cabriolet. Or how about the three tonne bulletproof 996? Fascinating stuff, if tantalising to think of all the amazing cars lurking in here not currently on public display.

Author: Dan Trent



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