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It was a cozy Saturday afternoon for Porsche Club Malaysia as the club members and their families attended the hi-tea hosted by Luxury Concepts on Saturday 29th November.

The club members were invited to a private hi-tea session in Khronos – Unique Horlogerie boutique, followed by a very special preview the first Bedat & Co. standalone boutique in the world.

Canapes, wine and cigars were served as the members of Porsche Club Malaysia as they previewed the latest collections of luxury Swiss timepieces available in Khronos – Unique Horlogerie and the new Bedat & Co. boutique. A great deal of attention was centered on the unique timepieces constructed from recovered remnants of the Titanic ship.

The event was made all the more glamorous by the stunning Porsches parked right in front of the main entrance of Starhill Gallery, which captured the attention of passers-by and avid photographers alike!

Contributed by Adeline Choo


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