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Like it or not, we're all guilty of falling into the traps laid for us by stereotypes. For example, if we were to say the phrase "Porsche owner," odds are you'd have a very specific type of individual in mind... and that individual would likely look nothing like Magnus Walker.

Walker is a thoroughbred car guy with an incomparable passion for the 911. As a clothing entrepreneur, he's about as far from the typical 911 owner as it gets. When he isn't racing or designing, he's piecing old Porsche models back together for another shot at life.

His stated goal is to collect one of every 911 between built between 1964 and 1973, and so far, he's only missing the youngest of that group. Walker says he's owned over 40 of the cars in his time as a collector, and it's clear he has the kind of passion that keeps this industry spinning.

Tamir Moscovici has worked up a short film on Walker called "Urban Outlaw." Scroll down to check out the trailer for yourself.



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