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Watch some of the best drivers in the best cars over the years battling on the track links courtesy of Ali Kadir (discovered while he was recuperating from a go-kart crash during the PCM vs Ferrari Go-kart race

Analysis of M Schumacher's driving style -

That famous race between Hakka and Schuey in Macau F3 1990. Even way back then Schuey was a bastard and blocked Hakka and made him ditch

French GP in Djion 1979. It's famous for being the first race to be won by a Turbo car, and the first French car driven by a French man to win the French GP. But more importantly it's more famously known as the best ever wheel-to-wheel racing in F1 EVER between Villenueve and Arnoux!! -

Another classic: Senna driving into the rear of Brundle at the 89 Adelaide GP in heavy rain. He didn't see anything!!! -

Haha, Senna gives Schuey a word of advice... -

This is cool! Alesi in a 3L normally-aspirated Tyrrell hassles Senna around Phoenix at the 1990 US GP. Hilariously good showing up of Senna! -

Monaco 1984. This race was magic. Pissing wet, Prost in the McLaren is chased by a new no name called Senna in the Toleman, who in turn is chased by Bellof in the Tyrrel. Fantastic. Sadly Bellof died the next year when his 956 went straight on at the Eau Rouge chicane at Spa. -

...and here it is. I recall Ickx ran over to try and help his teammate, but it was already too late. FYI till today, Stefan Bellof holds the outright lap record for the Nordslieffe, in a Porsche of course. May he rest in peace.. -

..once you've seen this video of him racing at the 'Ring! Madness. Faster than everything else! -

*If you're a fan of the 956 era, search "Derek Bell On board 956" in youtube and waste another hour watching most of the tracks of the 85 season. Sadly it didn't include Batu Tiga, I guess that track was too primitive to make the video release.

Yes, we actually held one round of the World Endurance Championship. There's hardly any evidence left of it though, but there's a wiki entry Porsche won as usual, this time in Rothmans colours..

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