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Buddy, what time are you all meeting tomorrow?” asked one of the PCM members. “Six fortyfive sharp at the front car park of RSG C”, I replied. Though the drive was scheduled to leave at around seven thirty, I thought it was best that I informed the members we will be leaving at six forty-five sharp anticipating the disregard of timing amongst some of the PCM members, though its only less than a handful!

The roar of eight flat six’s in the early hours of Saturday morning was somewhat therapeutic though that may not be the case for the environmentalists whom are constantly regulating the decibels.

Nevertheless, this was our morning and for the next few hours, the sweet smell and sonorous notes of the boxer engines will dominate the streets on which it passes.

“If you thought the road up to Genting, Cameron or Bukit Tinggi is challenging, wait till you experience the road to Semenyih”, said the drive organiser. Though hard to comprehend the notion of roads in Malaysia being more challenging than those I’ve just mentioned, the route was not for the faint hearted!
Tight hairpins, long sweeping left and right-handers, blind corners and a constant view of your mates charging at you from the rear view mirror adds to the excitement, satisfying any adrenalin junkie. Forget abou the pilgrimage to Nurburgring, we’ve got our own Nordschleif here in our own backyard, though the only form of novelty the route has are the trucks, busses, “kapcai bikes”, and the occasional expensive sports cars creating havoc in a relatively quiet region.
Don’t even think of making a mistake, as there are no run-off areas!

So drivers be warned.

At breakfast, members scrambled to get their nasi lemak, as that was the only food served and scarcity wa screaming out from the rice bucket to the pots holding the sambal. The place was old, a wooden shack in fact suggesting existence prior to colonial occupation. “Thou shall not judge a book by its cover”, I should add, as the food was actually really good!
Onlookers glanced as they passed this location. On the front yard of this shack were eight beautiful 911’s, with a combined value that could probably buy a few hectares of land in that area.

Having stopped for about an hour for breakfast and enjoying other delicacies such as the Musang King durians, we embarked on our journey of this unchartered route. The road was newly paved, creating pure pleasure for those wanting to unleash the beast that lurks within the tight confinements of the rear end of the 911.

Such was the excitement that half a day had passed us knowing.
Though not wanting to leave this new unchartered, “un-scenic”, nonforgiving route, the calling of family day awaited the drivers of PCM who shall return to their respective dwellings. But we shall be back, that’s for sure. – Contributed for PCM by Erwin Azizi.

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