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20 Sept 2022. Porsche Club Malaysia in collaboration with Firefighter and Sepang International Circuit had the privilege being on track from Sunset to Midnight. Normally night track is for 4 hours, however we had 6 hours starting at 6pm.

It seemed like a wet evening track with the earlier rain. However, the cloud and rain cleared perfectly for us and cooled the evening. Starting the day with the mandatory safety track briefing and handing out of transponders to check the fastest lap times of each participating Porsche.

Having a large group of newbies on track, we organised the first 45mins for newbies only to go on orientation laps with our Track Guides to get our newbies familiarised with the driving lines, apex, braking and turns. By 7:25pm, the lights went red and all the newbies came back into pits.

7:30pm we had the privilege of a Porsche Cup Car to go on track followed by all other participants. The nonstop laps till midnight, tons of refuelling, mechanics and pit crews working hard - everyone pedalling to the metal.

There’s a saying :

“If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.” ― Mario Andretti

Porsche Club Malaysia enriches your Porsche Experience